Zoom Class Offerings

Since the beginning of the "stay at home" orders, I have been getting more and more requests for virtual classes. Zoom feels like the best option during this challenging time. I take you through the entire version of my "in person" class, sending you the starter recipe the week or two ahead of time and instructions on where to purchase whole grain flour.


During the class we mix dough together, I shape the dough that I have been fermenting for 24 or so hours, we bake it, and then there is time for Q &A afterwards. 

Normally this is a 1:1 class, but you can have your partner or family member join you (up to 2 people max). If you wish to have more people you know join you, please choose the "group Zoom" option below. 

2 hour class: $175

Deposit of $75 required to save the date

Private Classes

Group Classes

These group classes are for a minimum of 3 people and up to 6.


You will have to contact me with a week + of time for me to get the starter recipe to you, unless you already have an active starter ready to go! 

You can collect a group of friends or family to join, or make new friends by joining one of my public classes.

Just like my private zoom classes, this is a 2 hour class, from dough to loaf. 

2 hour class: $95/person

24 hour cancellation policy