"Mary stands out amongst the plethora of bread experts. Her background in Chinese Medicine adds a wellness component to baking you won't find elsewhere."

                      ~ JP Karliak

"Mary Parr is the fairy godmother of sourdough! I took her class a couple of years ago and have made bread twice a week ever since. I am a trainer and a health and fitness writer and researcher and have longed believed that the bias against carbohydrates is misguided and unhealthy. Thanks to Mary, homemade organic sourdough is a daily staple in my house and our health, energy and fitness are better for it!"

        ~ Andrew Heffernan


"I had the very good fortune of receiving an invite for Mary's bread class in July of 2017. My decision to attend was in fact one of the most important decisions I've made as it relates to my goal of transitioning away from store bought items that, with little education and experience, I could make myself. As a result of this class, I am happy to report that baking bread has become a weekly routine and a very important addition to what I consider foundational nutrition for my family. Thank You, Mary, and please don't stop bringing forth this wisdom."

                                      ~ Teri G. 

"Mary came to work for us in 2012 while completing her Master's program in Chinese Medicine at Yo San University, Los Angeles. I can still remember her struggles with gluten intolerance back then, and could relate, because while not officially allergic to gluten, I could not eat any bread without stomach pain, bloating and weight gain. I remember her exhilaration when she returned from her honeymoon in France, excitedly telling me about being able to eat bread every day there, with zero gut problems. So began her adventure and obsession with learning all she could about why this was so, and perfecting the art of baking it herself. Soon she knew she had to share her knowledge with the rest of us and began teaching in her back yard. In 2015 I arranged for my husband and I, my business partner, and some of our patients to take her bread baking class. We had an amazing time under the trees, learning about the differences between the gut-inflaming bread widely available and sold in the U.S., and the highly nutritious, easily digestible bread she learned to bake. While we mixed and kneaded our dough, Mary baked some already proofed loaves for us, and we could hardly wait to try some! As she says, "the proof is in the sourdough." Not only was it hearty and delicious, but I had no stomach or digestive problems afterwards, despite eating many yummy pieces! She gave us each a bit of starter to take home, and I have continued to feed it and keep it going since 2015. I am so glad I took  Mary's class as it turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. I am able to bake delicious bread that I can freely enjoy, and my husband, family and friends always look forward to the loaves I bake. As a health care professional, I am grateful to Mary for what I learned from her extensive research, and being able to recommend bread that I feel good about, knowing it will bring delight and health benefits to all who consume it."

                    ~ Dr. Viveka S. Rucker, D.A.C.M., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., A.C.N.